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about our million miles guarantee

Our products are built to last. If at any point you have an issue with your Ciele Athletics™ product please reach out to us to see how our million mile guarantee applies. If your product is applicable, we invite you to return it to us for repair or replacement or store credit. In return, we ask that you take good care of it and if you’re no longer using it, reinvent it, donate it, trade it or recycle it.

The million miles guarantee does not cover accidental damage, normal wear-and-tear, or excessive use.

All joint adventure products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty and fall outside of our million miles guarantee. As an example, shoes, glasses, and socks are joint adventures manufactured by our partners. 

If you purchased your item from one of our retail partners, you’ll simply need to proceed directly with your point of purchase for warranty assistance.

All products must be returned in clean condition for the health and safety of our team processing warranty returns. 

If you would like to initiate a warranty request, reach out to us at We will review your request and contact you with next steps.

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